Khách sạn the light nha trang

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This 4-star khách sạn is situated very close lớn main public transportations of Nha Trang City. From Nha Trang Railway Station, it takes only seven minutes to the hotel. From the international airport of Cam Ranh, it is a 45-minute drive. All guestrooms are well-appointed & spacious with stunning views of the beach and city.

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Very poor service at this restaurant. Staff didn't greet us when we came or when we left. Many of the waiters/waitresses were yawning và looked not happy lớn serve us. The food wasn't a success either. Quite small portions. Wouldn't come here anymore.

Don't bother coming here the service is very poor và there is much better food else where. Was here18 months ago and was great but will not eat here again. The female staff look like they were elsewhere, very sour towards all clients I could see. The men were ok but standard have slipped big time. In a tourist location lượt thích this they need khổng lồ lift their game big time. My entree was very nice, shrimp in tamrin sauce. Only good thing to say.

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We came for the bbq and they demanded we paid straight away. We had no idea what to vị as the meat was raw on the bbq và so needed cooking. We couldn't even find a plate. We asked 3 members of staff who couldn't understand anything. We asked for our money bachồng but we're refused our money baông xã & therefore had no choice but to lớn eat there. There were a massive sầu backlog of plates khổng lồ be cooked on the bbq. You could cook your own on a small grill but we're told we weren't allowed. Food average và not replenished. Worst meal we've had in SE Asia in 6 months. Would be okay if there were more bbqs that food was being cooked on và food replenished regularly. Not worth the money.
Unfortunately our family was very disappointed with everything except for the view. The pool was green in colour, not inviting at all, the large windows on cấp độ 13 wouldn’t cthua kém properly so the noise of the traffic outside (all night long) sounded as if it was in your room. Our booking was for 4 people (2 x adults, 2 x children (10 & 12)), however our room only had 2 x single beds and 1 x fold-a-way bed. The breakfast Búp Phê was appalling. It was like feeding time at the zoo. We attended breakfast around 8.00am daily (breakfast ran till 9.30am) và by then most basic breakfast items such as cereal, toast & coffee were empty & asking the staff to refill/restock the items seemed very inconvenient for them and putting them out. Not lớn mention, our last morning there I asked a staff member for a fresh cup of coffee as all the coffee jugs were empty, she gave me a face of annoyance then handed me a used cup of someone else’s coffee dregs, filled it with cold coffee và gestured “here you go”. I was disgusted! Hence to lớn say, I would never recommkết thúc this hotel lớn anybody!…

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